BriForum this year will be running from June 15th to 17th in Chicago, this is a conference that I have wanted to go to for a long time, but never before had the chance.  This year not only will I be going for the first time, but will be speaking alongside my colleague Rick Dehlinger.  The topic is spun out from my blog post Do we have the right tools to cloudburst xenapp into ec2?  and will be a deep dive into what it takes to do this.  If you are planning on attending BriForum, come along and see what we have to show you, or just come up and say hello.

Here is the topic detail:

CloudBursting XenApp – hype or reality?

It seems like every vendor in the world is hyping ‘cloud’ somewhere in their marketing pitch. The noise is so prolific that’s it hard for any astute technologist to ignore. As desktop and application delivery specialists, many of us have been building and running ‘clouds’ for quite some time, albeit ‘private clouds’, private delivery systems, centralized hosting environments, or whatever the term du jour may be.

As we’ve come to expect, the delivery technologies we use and the plethora of available services delivered out of the cloud have evolved at a dramatic pace. As we dive down into the microcosm of our specific niche of the industry, we’re seeing a couple vendors pitching a hybrid approach to cloud service consumption – Citrix and Amazon. The noise they’re making together means that we’ll all likely have to field questions on the topic sometime soon, which begs the question: Is it real, or is it hype?

This session explores this hybrid approach to cloud usage (which has been called ‘cloud bursting’) and seeks to answer some of the key questions on all of our minds. It will seek to answer the following questions:

  • What is ‘cloud bursting’?
  • Why would anyone want to do it?
  • Is it reality or hype?
  • What are some of the things we have to consider before adopting such an approach?
  • Which vendors provide the right cloud infrastructure?
  • What are the infrastructure components we need to achieve the right result?
  • How do Citrix and Amazon do it?
  • What support does Citrix provide to help?
  • What support does Amazon provide to help?
  • How do I build it?
  • Can I do it with ‘off the shelf components’?
  • Can I extend my existing infrastructure?